kSOAP News Licensed Internal Code and license

Licensed Internal Code and license

Licensed Internal Code is Machine Code. Certain Machines IBM specifies (called “Specific Machines”) use Licensed Internal Code (LIC). IBM will identify Specific Machines in a Transaction Document. International Business Machines Corporation, one of its subsidiaries, or a third party owns LIC including all copyrights in LIC and all copies of LIC (this includes the original LIC, copies of the original LIC, and copies made from copies). LIC is copyrighted and licensed (not sold) under the terms of the agreement provided with the LIC. LIC is licensed only for use to enable a Machine to function in accordance with its Specifications and only for the capacity and capability for which you are authorized by IBM in writing and for which payment is received by IBM.

The IBM Agreement for Licensed Internal Code specifies the terms and conditions applicable to Licensed Internal Code and is available in multiple languages. Licensed Internal Code is supported under the same warranty terms as the Machine with which it is acquired.

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