2006-03-13 — Beta release with some small changes and updated javadocs. Diffs between 2.0.x and this version are located .

2006-03-08 — Updates fixing some bugs and working towards a releasable version.

2006-02-05 — The project is undergoing work to enhance testing increase stability and keep pushing forward development to remove bugs and apply new features


kSOAP is a SOAP web service client library for constrained Java environments such as Applets or J2ME applications (CLDC / CDC / MIDP).

Please note that SOAP introduces some significant overhead for web services that may be problematic for mobile devices. If you have full control over the client and the server, a REST based architecture may be more adequate. Despite the name, REST is also more “object-oriented” than SOAP: The context of a REST request is always the object denoted by the URL, so the URL can be seen as a kind of “this”-pointer.

kSOAP 2 is a complete redesign, taking the lessons learned from kSOAP 1.x into account. Some important changes are:

  • Structure cleaned up
  • kSOAP2 has improved support for literal encoding
  • SOAP Serialization support is now optional and contained in a separate package
  • Several separate classes have been integrated into the class SoapSerializationEnvelope, providing SOAP serialization support. SoapSerializationEnvelope extends the base class SoapEnvelope.
  • A dotNet flag can be used to switch the SoapSerializationEnvelope from standard behaviour to the namespace handling that seems to be default in .NET

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