kSOAP News Customer Set Up (CSU)

Customer Set Up (CSU)

You will deliver or mail as IBM specifies (prepaid unless IBM specifies otherwise) the failing Machine suitably packaged to a location IBM designates. After IBM has repaired or exchanged the Machine, IBM will make it available for your collection or, for Mail-in Service, IBM will return it to you at IBM’s expense, unless IBM specifies otherwise. You are responsible for the subsequent installation and verification of the Machine.

The Machine has been designated to be set up by customers. This includes initial installation and add-on features provided after the initial installation. The customer is responsible for the planning, site preparation, installation and configuration of the Machine including external cables and devices. Customers may request IBM to perform these activities for a charge.

Warranties apply only in the country or region where you acquire the Machine, unless IBM specifies otherwise, and only to Machines you purchase for your use, and not for resale, from IBM or your reseller. To obtain warranty service for a Machine, contact IBM or your reseller. If you do not register your Machine with IBM, you may be required to present proof of purchase.

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