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How to check the quality of customer support online casino

Customer service (hereinafter CS), which is provided by almost every resource, is a very important factor for a successful game. It is worth noting that the owners of virtual casinos are well aware that the quality of service directly affects their profits. That is:

  • The more opportunities to provide assistance, the better for the customer;
  • The faster the problems are solved, the better for the customer;
  • The more polite the CS casino representatives, the better for the client.

There are more and more virtual gambling sites every day. This spurs the owners to think about how to attract potential players. For ten years there is an invisible struggle for each user. For example, in some casinos you can see a similar statement: If you do not get an answer to your question within 10 minutes, we will pay you 10 euros. Naturally, this only has a positive effect on the influx of new users. Since the player wants the arising problems to be solved immediately in a respectful conversation. If you have chosen casino betway and want to make sure you are not mistaken, you can also use https://slots-online-canada.com/review/betway-casino/.

How can one get more qualified support?

As a rule, online casinos provide several ways to meet the objective of the sub-heading. This may be an online chat or e-mail or a simple phone call. There are some nuances with the latter method. There may be a sign on the site that says, “Phone calls are absolutely free!” So when a player uses this method, he naively believes that he does not have to pay a penny. And then he receives a huge bill from the phone company or at best he is perplexed by the amount withdrawn from the balance. Naturally, support is often out of town (or even out of the country). Therefore, the call is charged at the operator’s rate. That is, the customer will not owe the casino, but his own communications operator.

Each gambling establishment has a special section called FAQ. If the player’s problem is of a widespread nature, he will be able to find the necessary answers in this section. In most cases, the information is very effectively structured, so that to find an answer to the question of interest (if it is there) is not difficult and does not take much time.

E-mail support is the most common method of assistance. The answer to the letter comes no later than 24 hours after the request is sent. However, this is not fast enough. It is unlikely that a player who is experiencing problems with the withdrawal, the size of which, for example, is $20,000 will calmly wait for the expiration of the day. Clients look for the easiest and shortest ways, which is a live online support (video chat or Skype). Needless to say, this is the future.

Many online gambling industry leaders have already effectively implemented this method of interaction with players. Only a few sites provide live video chat on a regular basis. The only disadvantage of this method is the possibility of fraud. Although there are several principles to prevent it. First of all, in the window with the opened chat you should look at the address bar. If the address starts with “//”, the player can be absolutely sure that the particular conversation is confidential. In any other case, it is recommended to use other methods of communication.

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